What makes you smile? What makes you laugh?

Honestly, I am a pretty positive person. I see the optimistic side of things. I try to help people think, “What is the worst case scenario? That is not so bad, is it?”

I laugh. I laugh loud! People notice. I admit, it sometimes hurts my feelings when people say something derogatory about how loud my laugh is. But here is the minister in me….I have come to the conclusion that laughter is holy! And today I laughed and I laughed loud because I am grateful!

Tonight I watered my garden which is a definite happy place for me. I smiled. I sat beneath our covered patio with lights with the cool breeze. I smiled. I reflected on what was accomplished today. I smiled.

Part of me wanted to cry. I listened to the reports of what is happening in Charlotte, N.C. and other places. I heard the report of more refugees trying to escape harm only to meet death. I saw pictures on the internet of Aleppo before and after the war ripped it apart.

In spite of the things that made me want to cry, tonight I not only smiled, I laughed!!! Why? Hayder, our absolutely amazing tailor, asked to meet with me! I was so SCARED!!!! Did he need things that we could not deliver? Was the vision of Threads by Nomad not his vision? Was he in some way not sure he could trust us and come to work for us? Would he quit?

It turns out he just needed the same assurances I did. He told me of how much he desires to use his talent. He told me again of what I already knew; he was willing to work hard and that thus far his talents have not been utilized as they could have. I could only smile and say…. We are committed.. We will be there. We will do our best to deliver. We share a common vision. We can trust each other. Afterwards, I laughed! Because not only were my fears silly, but each time I look at emails, or Kickstarter, or Facebook comments I realize, Threads by Nomad is not just our vision. It is the vision of many! Beauty, art, stability, fruitfulness, life changing business with purpose, hope, …not just smiling, but laughing! And not just for me, but for every person who invests in Threads by Nomad whether by encouragement, prayers, or finances. For every refugee who hopes and desires one day to contribute in meaningful ways their talents and gifts. And in the midst of it all I get to do what is pure fun!!! Celebrating the women, the cultures, and the styles I have learned of in the past 30 years. And I am laughing because I get to have this much fun with my daughter! Yes, tonight I laughed…loud. Sometimes laughter is a very holy thing.

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