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Nomad Styles: The Culotte Pants

With only seven days left in our Kickstarter campaign, I am finding myself flooded with unanticipated emotions. The first, of course, is gratitude. The relief from knowing we have already met our goal and will receive the funds raised is immense. But I am also grieving the approaching end of this particular project. It is something we worked toward for nearly a year and to know it will soon be over has struck me as just a little sad. And then there is fear. I suppose that is also to be expected. The months ahead of us will involve even greater leaps of faith than those that have been required of us thus far.

This is why we have not halted our fundraising efforts despite having met our initial fundraising goal. There is always more work to be done. Yes, our business is one we hope to make profitable, but it is also one through which we hope to serve. In our case, serving looks like giving jobs to those who need and deserve them and spreading a message of hope in diversity and a belief in appreciation and connection beyond mere tolerance. A message that feels particularly important in light of recent events.

On that note, every little bit helps. If you can't afford to pre-order our clothing, even just a donation of $10 helps us provide a little more work for our embroiderer, Atia. $20 provide an hour's worth of work to our tailor, Hayder. $30 provide for a couple of yards of fabric, and a $100 donation is a significant contribution toward our monthly studio rental payment.

If you can afford to pre-order our clothing, however, I want to encourage you to not dismiss the culotte pants. Yes, they are featured here in a bold, colorful print. If you pre-order them now though and are patient, we can talk about making them for you in any of the other fabrics from our collection. But I did design them initially in the "chicken print" because I love them this way. Fashion should be fun; it should be creative and sometimes even portray a sense of humor. Here I chose to style the culotte pants in a way that makes them more wearable--think Saturday afternoon at the playground with the kids. Or a quick coffee run with your husband. Don't let the print scare you off, but if it does know we can make it in other fabrics for you!

Interested in pre-ordering the culotte pants? You can do so here. Please email us at support@threadsbynomad.com with any questions.

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