Nomad Styles: The Peplum Top

There are only 8 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, and while we have met our goal we are still raising funds and taking pre-orders to help us secure our future and enable us to go into production starting October 3rd.

Over the past few weeks, we have focused on the clothing we created as well as the people we have hired and the goals we are trying to accomplish. The missing piece in all of this is one that is very important to me personally: style. In other words, we have failed thus far to show you just how to wear the pieces we created, how to work them into your own wardrobe for any and all occasions! Over the next seven days, we will show you seven outfits I created using seven of the pieces from our collection.

Thus far, the skirt and the tank top have been hands down the most popular items in terms of pre-orders received through our Kickstarter. And while I do love them, it makes me a little sad because some of my favorites aren't getting the love I think they deserve. Consider the peplum top, for example. The Peplum Top was designed with flared panels of fabrics with stripes of slightly varying sizes. The varying sizes of stripes create a slimming optical illusion and the flared panels accommodate curves. Here, I have styled it on my friend, Jeanne, with distressed denim, slip-on sneakers, and a printed scarf.

By matching the colors in the scarf to the shirt, the print on print works well. If print mixing scares you, a solid scarf would look fantastic, too. Beyond its flattering cut, the beauty of the peplum top is its versatility. Dressed up or down, it can be worn in a million different ways for a million different things. How would you wear it?

Interested in pre-ordering the peplum top? You can do so here. Please email us at with any questions!

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