In the News: Baptist News Global Features Threads by Nomad

When Mom told me about a potential feature on, I had to smile. I joke that my parents are longtime Baptist "royalty" having been affiliated with Baptist missions and churches for longer than I've been alive. A feature on them and their work seemed like a no-brainer. But it seemed funny that I--a doubting believer on even my holiest of days--would be included! Luckily, Threads by Nomad and the work we are doing have very little to do about us and much more to do about the people who are helping us, the people we are helping and the message we are trying to spread.

Here's a preview of the article that was published today, written by Jeff Brumley (who is pretty awesome!) :

"There are the kinds of missionaries who translate the Bible into exotic languages, who hold revivals on faraway continents and who provide medical care and food for earthquake victims. And then there are the kind who launch and run businesses designed to make a positive difference in the world. Nell Green, Texas-based field personnel with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, has become one of the latter. “It’s not normal missionary stuff but it’s just be a terrible amount of fun,” Green said about the new women’s clothing company she and her daughter, Christen Kinard, are in the process of launching. “There is something new all the time,” she said about the process of developing business plans, locating production space and purchasing industrial equipment for Threads by Nomad. “I am learning how to do business-as-mission – I would say business as purpose.”"

You can read the piece in its entirety here.

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