On Faith, Courage and Dancing

After the preview party for Threads by Nomad’s launch of the Kickstarter campaign, I read this quote: "Hope is the ability to hear the music of tomorrow; faith is the courage to dance to it today."

That is the perfect way to sum up the past eight days of our Kickstarter campaign. We are 75% there!!!! Hope was birthed long ago and began to take shape as we fleshed out this first collection. Faith was when we decided to delay our launch until we were sure the collection was right. Faith was launching Kickstarter believing you--our supporters--would love the look and the message of our line. Faith was going ahead and searching out those artisans who would create for Threads by Nomad. Faith was investing our personal savings to get the initial samples together. Faith was moving forward and signing a lease on an office space and studio so that as soon as Kickstarter is over we can go to work.

Pictured here: Hunting for office space earlier this week with our friend, Farhad.

You, our supporters have not let us down. We are grateful! Now we move into a new cycle of hope and faith! Can you help us get the word out so that we can surpass our goal? What music are we listening to? The music of our own machines instead of renting! The music of the next collection that we are already thinking about and gathering inspiration for. The music of an artisan overseas to do our own batik and mud cloth designs! We hear the music and we are ready to dance! Thank you! From two very grateful nomads!

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