Preview Party: The Recap

Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

A few times a year, my jobs (yes, I have multiple) require me to throw a professional party of some kind. They range from intimate and luxurious to big and loud and open to the public. Sometimes I have unlimited budgets; other times I count my pennies. But there is one constant in all of this: a few hours before the event, I become convinced that absolutely no one will show up. I know this is ridiculous. I know it makes no sense. But I lose all confidence in my ability to host an event that anyone would ever want to attend, and my heart starts racing.

Last Thursday's Preview Party for Threads by Nomad was no different. With help from Mom and some of my friends, everything came together flawlessly. It was a small affair, but the food was ready (and delicious), the flowers were in their vase, the clothing was steamed, the music was playing. We even had a projector, screen and a slideshow of our first look book photos to show our guests how our pieces can be worn. Still, my stomach was in knots. I was certain the event would be a flop, no one would come, and our Kickstarter campaign would fail.

I really need to learn to have faith, because our Preview Party could not have been a greater success! A handful of friends I had hoped would be there weren't able to make it, but all in all I was overwhelmed with the number of people who came out in support of my mom and me--and from all parts of our life! There were friends from church, friends from childhood, friends from work, even some internet friends! Several times over the course of the evening I had to take a seat to take it all in.

Not only were they there, but they were excited for us and seemed to really love our clothes! They kept pulling them off the hangers to try them on. They were eager to hear about how our pieces were made, how we determined which designs to make, and how they could contribute. We let those who attended the party pre-order their favorite pieces via our Kickstarter campaign before anyone else, and by the following morning we had already reached nearly a quarter of our goal!

I am so grateful to everyone who came and encouraged us in this endeavor. To be honest, we need all the encouragement we can get. Launching a clothing collection and raising enough money to go into production is exciting but it's also terrifying. If we don't reach our Kickstarter goal of $20K, we don't get a penny of the pledges. And we have rent to pay and refugees to whom we promised jobs. Yes, it would be disappointing on a personal note, but I very much feel the weight of those who have already come to depend on our tiny company for financial support. And I take that responsibility very seriously. So knowing that our friends want to be our customers and that they are there for us with every step comforted me. I feel less alone. And I definitely feel loved!

Threads by Nomad still has a long way to go to meet our Kickstarter goal but no matter what happens, I will always hold close the memories from our Preview Party, the smiles, the hugs, the kind words and the knowledge that we are doing something that is worthwhile.

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